The Interlock Difference


What is it that sets Interlock Wall Systems apart from traditional plasterboard walling methods?




Partition Units are FULLY reusable.  

Standard sizes allow maximum flexibility in both orignal layout design and redesign later on. 

Panel Units are comprised of "E0" laminex boards, and Recycled Aluminium for our door and window frames. 

Partition Units are manufactured off site and clean installation and de installation will help to significantly reduce the building waste going into our landfills.

Interlock Wall Systems offers an environmentally sustainable option for end of life product management by way of our "IWS Product Stewardship Program".  Click HERE for details.



Designed to be installed over existing flooring, the Interlock Wall System can be removed, relocated and re-installed with ease.

The partition units are designed to provide easy access and panels may be individually removed, quickly at any time to allow access for phone cables, plumbing, or electric wiring.

With manufacturing done off site, the partition units are installed or uninstalled very quickly, simply being clicked into or out of their support chanels, this speedy process dramatically reduces office downtime.



Interlock Wall Systems Panel Units are made from E0 Laminex boards and are available in a variety of colours, giving you the ability to use your companies signiture colours and then change them again as desired by simply clicking out existing panels and swapping them over for the new ones.

Glass door and window units provide a feeling of space in smaller areas, whilst the full panel units allow privacy where required.



 All components of the wall system are completely re-usable, reducing the cost of new materials.

The Interlock Wall System is also uninstalled and re-installed very quickly and easily reducing labor costs as well as the costs associated with office downtime.

The Interlock Wall System is installed Cleanly reducing the costs associated with building waste disposal.

Wall Panel Units are Laminex finish which is available in a range of colours and the bottom & top chanels act as the cornace and kick. This reduces the costs associated with labour & time management of multiple trades.



The highly durable E0 Panel Boards are much tougher than traditional plasterboard, enabling them to withstand more knocks and bumps from people and office furniture. In the event of serious damage occuring to a panel it can simply be clicked out and replaced within a couple of minutes. No fuss, no waste and no need to hire multiple trades, just to make a repair.



The Interlock Wall Systems  panel units require little maintanance, just a quick wipedown with a damp microfibre cloth will remove any dirt or scuff marks from the durable Laminex E0 panels, and Windows and Glass doors will be kept sparkling with the aid of a damp squeegie and a microfibre cloth to dry off. 



IWS also provides a range of hanging shelf solutions designed to click into the Wall System as quickly and easily as the panel units, providing heavy duty storage without drilling, screwing or damaging any part of the panel unit it is fitted to.